I have been toying with the idea to write for a while. Finally I have taken the plunge. Took me a while to figure out my way around the site, and now here I am.

I grew up in various parts of India and therefore have a special connection with different regions of the country. I spent a significant part of my childhood living in Delhi, my dad’s beloved. He was born and brought up in Delhi and is the true proud and loud Delhite. My Mum spent her childhood and early adult life in the warmer south, a close rival to the capital, that is Mumbai. Although neither of their ancestors belonged to either of the cities, it was home to them for the longest time until they settled and put down their roots further south.

To me home refers to Bangalore, the lovely city I grew up in and fell in love with, everyday. While I was in constant touch with Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala, it was Bangalore that beckoned me and meant home. I did have the good fortune of residing in other cities while studying and working, but nothing compared to the comfort of Bengaluru. The city which has always been welcoming yet non intruding, vibrant but not too loud or condescending, moving at just the right pace and probably with the best weather.

Ten years ago if someone had asked me whether I saw myself living anywhere else, my answer would have been a strong NO. And yet here I am across continents in a completely different world –  learning, adapting and building a new life together with my little family.

My daughter calls my relatively new surroundings her home. India is her second home where her closest comrades live – her ammama, dadu, achamma and thatha.

Life is indeed a journey; our boat has been anchoring on different shores and once again the wind has set the sail in a new direction.