Baby it’s cold outside

I have been hibernating for winter. But this winter seems never ending, and so, tired of waiting for the perfect sunny day to put my thoughts to words I decided to write anyway. I am tired of the cold; no more snow or ice or chills please. Singing Frozen on the loop is not that entertaining anymore. And no we don’t want to build a snowman – I am not going to part with my hats and muffler nor dash to the supermarket to buy carrots that cannot find their way to my kid’s dinner plate.

My complaining gets me a wry response from my husband. Many years back, just before we got married, my husband (then fiance) very innocently asked me which were the places on my travel wish list. I mentioned wanting to see the Eiffel tower and someplace with snow, since I had never seen snow in my life at that time. He arranged for the perfect honeymoon covering the two items on my checklist.

Now so many years later I am tired of seeing so much of snow in abundance. Every time I voice my annoyance, I am told that, that was what I had wished for at some time. So ladies, be careful what you wish for. Just like when the little ones were babies and you wished they grew up fast and started talking. They grow up and start talking and then tell you exactly what they think of your far-from-impressive culinary skills!

But there is always a silver lining… I understand now the difference between a winter moisturizer and a summer lotion and in the same vein, fall collection and winter fashion. For someone coming from a place, where the weather had been pleasant all year round and at the most, variation observed only throughout the day, I thought fall/autumn wear meant wearing orange, brown, maroon etc. But yours truly has now grasped the finer nuances (although husband continues to berate my winter dressing choices). And if I can get through couple of months without waxing, that’s something to rejoice too! So we will continue to wait for the sun to shine little brighter, leaves to finally come back and all the snow to melt. This reminds me we are yet to take off our Christmas lights buried under the snow and ice on the tree in the front yard. Oops.

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